• Triumphant Truth Program

    Part 1

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    Episode 1 : 

    Our Day in Light of Prophecy

    Airs: Feb 1, 2022

    Super Cells : Human Make Up

    Chalk Art : Get Back on God's Easel

    Episode 2 : 

    A World in Turmoil

    Airs: Feb 2, 2022

    Super DNA : Human Genes

    Chalk Art : Jesus, Peace Be Still

    Episode 3: 

    Peace of Mind

    Airs: Feb 4, 2022

    Super Brain: Brain Maintenance & Health

    Chalk Art: Jesus, Peace in Storm

    Episode 4 : 

    Secret of Personal Power

    Airs: Feb 5, 2022

    Super Mind: Blood Circulation and Oxygen to the Brain

    Chalk Art: The Cross

    Episode 5 : 

    U.F.O.'s, The Occult and Christ's Second Coming

    Airs: Feb 6, 2022

    Super Senses: Eyes, Taste, Touch, Hear and Smell

    Chalk Art: Isaiah 40: The Eagle

    Episode 6 : 

    Bible's Longest, Most Amazing Prophecy

    Airs: Feb 8, 2022

    Super Cleanse: Body Garbage

    Chalk Art: Camp of Israel

    Episode 7 : 

    Date with Destiny

    Airs: Feb 9, 2022

    Super Thoughts: Clear "Right" Decisions

    Chalk Art: Jacob's Ladder

    Episode 8 : 

    Crime, Lawlessness, Political Corruption: 

    The Real Reason

    Airs: Feb 11, 2022

    Super Laws: God's Laws and Rights

    Chalk Art: The Great Wall of China

    Episode 9 : 

    God's Emblem of Loyalty

    Airs: Feb 12, 2022

    Super Sleep: Rest and the Sabbath Clocks

    Chalk Art: Bird's Nest

    Episode 10: 

    Tampering with Heaven's Constitution

    Airs: Feb 13, 2022

    Super Structure: Bones

    Chalk Art: Pleiades and Christ's Hand

    Part 2



    Episode 11:

    Revelation's Most Thrilling Message

    Super Lungs: Blood and the Air Circulation Roads

    Chalk Art: Atmosphere of Cross Grace

    Episode 12:

    America's Greatest Need

    Super Lifestyles: Restoring the Flesh from Toxins and Poison Effects

    Chalk Art: Psalms 1: It Is No Secret

    Feature Video: Silver Hills Guesthouse Tour

    Visit the Silver Hills Guesthouse Website:


    Episode 13:

    The Mark of The Beast

    Super Circuits: Transport, Protect and Seal

    Chalk Art: Psalms 101: Shelter of Your Wings

    Episode 14:

    U.S. in Bible Prophecy

    Super Food: Mastering the "One Dish Meal"

    Chalk Art: Second Coming

    Episode 15:

    Good God, Bad World, Why?

    Super Ears: Anatomy, Frequencies and Protection

    Chalk Art: Galaxy for One Lost Sheep

    Episode 16:

    The Real Truth About Life After Death

    Super Nose: Air Cleaner, Lung Filler and Immunity

    Chalk Art: Jesus' Ressurection

    Episode 17:

    Prophets and Prophecies: Visions and Dreams

    Super Eyes: Observation, Protection and Health

    Chalk Art: "Brighten the Corner, Where You Are"

    E17 Song Feature:

    "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" by Ina Dooley Ogden


    Episode 18:

    Modern Day Movement of Destiny

    Super Muscles: Stretching, Cardio, Exercise and Healing

    Chalk Art: Valley of Dry Bones Ezequiel 37

    Episode 19:

    Doorway to a New Life

    Super Hydration: Kidneys Filtering Good From the Bad

    Chalk Art: The Will to Grow Grains

    Episode 20:

    Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues

    Airs: Soon!

    Super Immune: Nutrition Awareness, Sanctification and the Plant Based Diet

    Chalk Art: Robin and Comit