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    Reaching the Unreached

    Watch From the Beginning! Episode 1-10!

    Episode 1 : Our Day in Light of Prophecy

    In this video, Super Good News will show you “Our Day in Light of Prophecy”. Every person interested in their health, curious about prophecy, or a lover of art, needs to understand how to connect with what’s happening spiritually and biologically in themselves and in the world around them.

    Episodes 11-20!

    Episode 11 : Revelation's Most Thrilling Message

    Learning from the untapped well of stories and experiences our Pastors have lived throughout their 80 years of life, our prayer is for the Holy Spirit to gives this series wings to reach many people who are yearning for a closer relationship with God.

    New Episodes!

    Episode 23: The Unpardonable Sin

    Take an adventure to get to know the "Super Heart" the be all in our bodies that keep our personal factories running while we face many challenges in our day to day hustle and bustle. Allow "The Unpardonable Sin" provide some guidance in anything you may be unsure about and see how the "Smoke Signals" may be trying to relate a message worthwhile to your current situation.

    New Episodes!

    Episode 24: God's True Church

    Welcome to life and it's Creation! This massive episode is jam packed with great testimonies about God working with His creations to make babies! When does it seem to be something to do and when is it the right time? "Wise and Foolish" grants the story to tie these moments together and to also include the sermon from Pastor Vic, to discuss "God's True Church". Let's dive right in!

    New Super Resources!

    The Sun Cure

    As we continue to see more and more Medical Missions coming out of the woodshed, we have been very excited to share more of these gems with our viewers and will be thrilled to work with God to begin the healings and benefits of the sun as a tool!

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    SPRING 2023!

    Are you looking for the lost episodes from our Video Wall? Do we have SUPER Good News for you!!

    We are happy to share that Episodes 23, 24, 25 and our Bonus Episode 28 are coming soon! We want to thank you all for your patience in between our equipment break downs and technical delays! God has continued to be our guide and we are happy to share this update with you!

  • Triumphant Truth Program

    Part 1

    Stream the Theme Song on Spotify

    SGN on Faith and Family Fellowship Podcast

    Watch Dallas Monticue as he meets with Pastor Terry and Pastor Victor on Youtube!

    Episode 1 :

    Our Day in Light of Prophecy

    Airs: Feb 1, 2022

    Super Cells : Human Make Up

    Chalk Art : Get Back on God's Easel

    Episode 2 :

    A World in Turmoil

    Airs: Feb 2, 2022

    Super DNA : Human Genes

    Chalk Art : Jesus, Peace Be Still

    Episode 3:

    Peace of Mind

    Super Brain: Brain Maintenance & Health

    Chalk Art: Jesus, Peace in Storm

    Episode 4 :

    Secret of Personal Power

    Super Mind: Blood Circulation and Oxygen to the Brain

    Chalk Art: The Cross

    Episode 5 :

    U.F.O.'s, The Occult and Christ's Second Coming

    Super Senses: Eyes, Taste, Touch, Hear and Smell

    Chalk Art: Isaiah 40: The Eagle

    Episode 6 :

    Bible's Longest, Most Amazing Prophecy

    Super Cleanse: Body Garbage

    Chalk Art: Camp of Israel

    Episode 7 :

    Date with Destiny

    Super Thoughts: Clear "Right" Decisions

    Chalk Art: Jacob's Ladder

    Episode 8 :

    Crime, Lawlessness, Political Corruption:

    The Real Reason


    Super Laws: God's Laws and Rights

    Chalk Art: The Great Wall of China

    Episode 9 :

    God's Emblem of Loyalty

    Super Sleep: Rest and the Sabbath Clocks

    Chalk Art: Bird's Nest

    Episode 10:

    Tampering with Heaven's Constitution

    Super Structure: Bones

    Chalk Art: Pleiades and Christ's Hand

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    Part 2



    Episode 11:

    Revelation's Most Thrilling Message

    Super Lungs: Blood and the Air Circulation Roads

    Chalk Art: Atmosphere of Cross Grace

    Episode 12:

    America's Greatest Need

    Super Lifestyles: Restoring the Flesh from Toxins and Poison Effects

    Chalk Art: Psalms 1: It Is No Secret

    Feature Video: Silver Hills Guesthouse Tour

    Visit the Silver Hills Guesthouse Website:


    Episode 13:

    The Mark of The Beast

    Super Circuits: Transport, Protect and Seal

    Chalk Art: Psalms 101: Shelter of Your Wings

    Episode 14:

    U.S. in Bible Prophecy

    Super Food: Mastering the "One Dish Meal"

    Chalk Art: Second Coming

    Episode 15:

    Good God, Bad World, Why?

    Super Ears: Anatomy, Frequencies and Protection

    Chalk Art: Galaxy for One Lost Sheep

    Episode 16:

    The Real Truth About Life After Death

    Super Nose: Air Cleaner, Lung Filler and Immunity

    Chalk Art: Jesus' Ressurection

    Episode 17:

    Prophets and Prophecies: Visions and Dreams

    Super Eyes: Observation, Protection and Health

    Chalk Art: "Brighten the Corner, Where You Are"

    E17 Song Feature:

    "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" by Ina Dooley Ogden


    Episode 18:

    Modern Day Movement of Destiny

    Super Muscles: Stretching, Cardio, Exercise and Healing

    Chalk Art: Valley of Dry Bones Ezequiel 37

    Episode 19:

    Doorway to a New Life

    Super Hydration: Kidneys Filtering Good From the Bad

    Chalk Art: The Will to Grow Grains

    Episode 20:

    Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues

    Super Immune: Nutrition Awareness, Sanctification and the Plant Based Diet

    Chalk Art: The Fall of Babylon
    broken image

    Part 3


    Episode 21:

    The Covenant

    Super Skin: Flesh, Protection and Healing

    Chalk Art: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

    Interview with Dr. Raymond Knoll, Author of "How to Live to Be 101 and Be Able to Enjoy it"


    Episode 22:

    Spiritual Babylon Revealed

    Super Hormones: The Endocrine System

    Chalk Art: "Light" of Thomas Edison

    Episode 23:

    The Unpardonable Sin

    Super Heart: Keeping us Super

    Chalk Art: Indian Smoke Signals

    Episode 24:

    God's True Church

    Super Reproductive: Human Anatomy and Procreation

    Chalk Art: Wise and Foolish
    broken image

    Episode 25:

    Revelation Predicts a 1000 Year Movement

    Super Aging: Healthy Aging, Diet, and Natural Expectations

    Chalk Art: The Galaxy in Jesus's Hand

    Episode 26:

    Revelations's Glorious Climax

    Super Cognition: Function, Connections and Longevity

    Chalk Art: The Wolf and the Lamb

    Episode 27:

    Fully Surrendered

    Super Body: Temple Preservation and Mind Faculties

    Chalk Art: Two Ways
    broken image

    Episode 28:

    Special Episode: The Triumphant Truth

    Super Eden: The Real Super, Human Being Lifestyle

    Chalk Art: Winter to Spring
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