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    Super Good News is a collaborative endeavor that aims to empower individuals who are seeking a genuine, biblical transformation in their lives. Led by two experienced Pastors, Victor and Terry, who are in their 80's, the organization utilizes digital media and popular video platforms to reach those who may have previously been considered unreachable. Our channel serves as a source of inspiration and guidance, encouraging people to live in harmony with nature, science, and prophecy, while also tapping into the power of art to touch the hearts of our audience. Ultimately, our goal is to welcome the unreached into our eternal community and to share the blessings of the promised land, allowing them to experience the joys of heaven in the present moment.

    Victor Gill

    Pastor Victor Gill is a dedicated and accomplished prophecy evangelist who has devoted his life to spreading the word of God. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at a young age, and has since dedicated himself to living a biblical lifestyle. With a passion for sharing the love of God's word, he has devoted himself to expanding the knowledge of the everlasting gospel through his numerous ministry efforts. Through his tireless efforts, Victor has reached souls across the globe, preaching in countries such as Ukraine, India, Canada, and the United States. At 85 years of age, he continues to be a powerful witness and testimony to the life of Christ, dedicating himself to proclaiming, educating, and demonstrating the teachings of Jesus through his work.

    Terry McComb

    Pastor Terry is a highly accomplished individual with a deep-seated interest in theology, science, and nature. He has been involved in God's ministry since 1964, delivering sermons and spreading the word of God. Along with his wife Jean, he co-wrote the "Gospel According to Creation: Family Nature Series" which has benefitted homeschoolers and children's clubs such as Pathfinders as a fun, safe, and reliable educational resource. Throughout his career, he has undertaken mission voyages to countries such as Canada, USA, Lithuania, and Australia. Additionally, he has collaborated with the magazine Creation Illustrated, serving as a speaker and writer, and has published 55 articles to date. His remarkable chalk art has been widely acclaimed, resonating with audiences on a deeply emotional level and inspiring many to find their own salvation. At 82 years old, he continues to be driven by his passion for serving the Lord.

    Sarah Echegoyen

    Producer/Project Manager

    Vladislav Vlad

    Accounts Manager

    Johann Harnisch

    Film Technician/Editor

    Elijah Duffy

    Film Technician/Editor/Consultant

    Jean McComb


    Seth Armbruster


    Andrea Beretta

    Music Producer and Engineering


    A music composer and producer from Milan, Andrea earned a Bachelor of arts degree in music production in 2020. Andrea continues in the music business for 10 years and specializes in Pop music production, post production for videos/movies, and cinematic music production. He is also versed in playing guitar at recording studios and live shows all over Italy fallowing him to collaborate well with other musicians. When he is not teaching music production, Andrea works for "Las Music Recordings", an Italian Pop Label. Feel free to support his business on Fiverr @ andreaberetta94.